Ab Tom-Tronic Oy  Process Automation

The Company

Optimal Solutions

Function, quality and profitability decide which solution suit You and Your business.

Our experience and competence have made us well trusted with control equipment by different brands. In complements or modifications we apply our solutions to the client's existing equipment, irrespective of brand. Being supplier independent, we can choose the most suitable hardware for a new construction after consultation with You, and thus optimise the final solution.

Ideas and Visions

Our business idea is to be a supplier of automation components and system solutions for industrial automation and to offer technical support and services within our area.

We deliver services and fabricate automation cabinets for the customer.
All our deliveries stand for functional quality and one for the user cost-effective life cycle.


Knowledge is the ground for a good result. We prioritise our collaborators' high competence within the product areas and services we offer You as customer.

Our goal is to supply our knowledge to You as customer to solve Your problems in an optimal way and at the same time widen the cooperation.

We try to offer You the best of two worlds: the local, personal company and the power of our collected knowledge when You need availability to top competence or big resources.

Quality in Everything

Our quality system includes the whole activity.

The quality thinking is well anchored at all collaborators and is a fundamental part in the daily work. This is valid for the technical implementation as well as our way to collaborate.

Environmental Thinking

By actively intergrating environmental questions in the business we reach a better environment for our collaborators, for the company's customers, for society and nature and also for ourselves.