Ab Tom-Tronic Oy  Process Automation


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Industrial processes

SCADA/HMI programming
PLC programming
PC programming
Automation programming
Logging with reporting of operation data
Alarm handling
Data communication over fixed telephone network, GSM, i.a.
Documentation system


Power plant
Oil-, bio-, and district heating plant
Water plant and industrial wastewater treatment plant
Food industry processes and machines

Machine Operation

PLC programming
Software-PLC in combination with HMI/SCADA-system
Logging with reporting and linkage to MPS
Construction and installation of electricity- / control cabinets
Concatenation of machine and company server
Machine technology

Servomotion and servosystems

   Servo amplifiers, servo motors and cabling


Building of electricity / control / pneumatic cabinets
Construction of circuit boards for special purposes

Win-Graf (Server&Client) with two LCD monitors and a standalone Win-Graf (client)